Crusade without a Carcase


`War, a word that immobilizes the thought process without any speculation doesn’t only refer to the act of bloodshed, a loss of personnel or something personal; it may also refer to something that doesn’t really take lives straight away while it still does seem like the same. Every other day, every individual amongst us wages at least one, like,deciding on something that has been lingering around for quite some time. These wars are a state of mind.

Why the word WAR for a state of mind? Why the word war for something with no contention of forceful violence? War, is an art, a convulsive and violent disease of the body politic; sometimes a delusive methodology, which is used as a coup for achieving things which are otherwise unattainable.This sums up to a thought that we often enter deadlocks within our own self without any reason. That’s when we realize there’s something beyond our bounds happening with in the nutshell beneath the vertex.

Challenging one’s mind with questions like “What am I hearing? What am I looking at?” could help us out discover the possibilities of deadlock within mind.We are constantly being informed by words and ideas, worldviews and philosophies. Our personal stories are filled with disappointment, brokenness, and pain. And our hearts and heads have been informed by lies, deceit, and accusations from the world, the flesh, and the devil. We need to take captive our thoughts and examine them. To take something captive is to take control of it and put it in a controlled environment — like putting a ferocious animal in a cage. The human brain is that ferocious animal trying out to lurk in the ambience around us. It is then, that we need to take a closer look at our thoughts and consider what we are thinking or believing and why. In history there were demons, with whom the mighty warriors of this tiny ball of dust used to wage wars . Soon the demons transcended into human forms which made it complex for the tough men to find the awful. Now we’re here, in the same tiny rock the entire possible universe where everyone has one carcinogen with in themselves which would often cause wars without a single drop of blood spilled. Every minute, every second and every moment of one’s life there’s a war which they wage. Crusades within, begin with a single unparalleled thought of gaining control over one’s self, which constantly keeps rattling with other threads of the intellect. It so happens that one single control strand befuddles and almost shatters all others that exist and puts us into a state of mind where we struggle to understand what happens within. It is in such situations , a war of self control emerges out of nowhere. This might be a startling notion but true; most of us never acknowledge this, but yes, these wars exist. It is all a regular contingency. The one who fares high, the one who owns the control shall capitalize a war of such kind to find what’s in for him under the masterminds plan.